Hemel Hempstead Swimming Club Swim Camp 2015

Don’t miss out on a fantastic opportunity you won’t ever forget!

Building Those Layers Up

Learn to use self-motivation as a fuel to push yourself harder than before, making sessions previously done seem easy in comparison.

Excel in life

A swim camp doesn’t just give you skills to use in swimming, it gives you skills for life. After a swim camp, hard work has a whole different meaning.

New & Exciting

A trip abroad is always great fun, but you just can’t beat a swim camp, surrounded by like-minded people who are all there to succeed.

What does a swim camp involve?

  • Early mornings

    It's tough at first, but trust me, it feels good after a few sessions.

  • Food wise

    What you consume and how much you drink should match the amount of exercise you are doing.

  • Hard Work

    Challenging training sessions allow you to extend your comfort zone further.

  • Teamwork

    Pushing yourself and encouraging others is essential to success.

  • Fun.

    A swim camp is not only extremely rewarding, but very fun too!

Swim Camp 2015 – Fuerteventura

A highly rewarding trip that will benefit all


uring late October Half Term 2015, we will be travelling abroad to take part in a swim camp, consisting of hard work as well as lots of fun! Tunisia Swim Camp 2014 was a great success and I hopefully we can best it this year with an even more exciting and rewarding camp. A swim camp consists of challenging swimming sessions most days, twice a day, for two hours each, with one hour land training each day. When I say most, we train everyday except for once, which is a lovely day off!

Below is an example of the daily schedule:

• Get up around 6:30am and get to pool and warm up, ready for a 2 hour training session.
• Breakfast!
• Free time.
• 1 hour land training.
• Lunch!
• Free time.
• 2 hour swim session.
• Dinner!
• Evening meeting/debrief/activities
• Sleeeeep zzzzz

What can you achieve?

Lets explore the endless possibilities today.

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